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Rules Regarding Attendance


Attendance is obligatory in the college. Students are expected to attend classes every day without fail.
Excuse slip is to be obtained from the Vice-Principal for absence longer than 4 classes. For long and repeated absence which could affect the required attendance percentage, it is the student's responsibility to keep a duplicate of the excuse letter submitted, with the Vice-Principal's signature. The medical certificates and other relevant documents of illness may be submitted.
However, if there are some important and genuine reasons such as family functions, ill-health, etc., students can avail leave after obtaining permission from the Vice- Principal in the prescribed form available in the College Office.
For reasons of illness beyond two days, the leave application along with a medical certificate should be submitted by the parents / local guardian to the Vice-Principal on or before the 5th day of illness. A fitness certificate from the doctor who treated the student should be submitted on the day of rejoining the College. The submission of medical certificate does not entire a student to earn attendance for the days of his / her absence.
Daily attendance of student is marked in a register by the individual teachers for every hour and the same is displayed on the Notice Board of the College on the following day. Students are expected to check their attendance entry and vigil over it. In case of any discrepancy, they should get it co