From the father desk



St. Xavier's the new born

You are no less than others

Through you are new to the place

You are first in many ways.

You are the first college

To be registered under

Kazi Nazrul University

Which in itself is new

Beside you are the first

English medium college here

In the coal belt of Asansol, Durgapur

To spread you tentacles around.

Though you are away

From the maddening city of kolkata

Saturated with so many

Educational higher institutions

It is better to be here

With your new identity and name

Away from the known ambience

To a lesser known town,Asansol.

Here you have a better chance

To prove to the simple folk

That you are an institution

With excellence parlance.

So you have a tall task

To impart good education

To the lesser mortals

of this less known town.

So open your wings

And fly high and around

To infuse wisdom

into the minds of the youth.

Let the people of this area

Come to know the difference

of imparting knowledge

Through the portals of your ambience.

You be the source of wisdom

To the seekers of knowledge

To excel to their best ability

To become wise and noble persons.

May you be a college with difference

In academic excellence

Character formation of all

To make men and women of worth.

Let the name of St. Xavier's

Ring out in every ear

As you rise to the heights

Of top institutions in India.