About Us


Vision : To build a harmonious, just, all-inclusive and empowered society.

Mission : To provide general quality and value based education to all with specific focus on the marginalised so as to illuminate the minds, heart and the intellect of every person, leading to holistic formation and the societal transformation.

Our College aims at the integral, personal formation of youth. To accomplish this, special efforts are made :

  • »   To help the students to become mature, spiritually oriented men and women of character,
  • »   To encourage them continously to strive after excellence in every field;
  • »   To value and judiciously use their freedom;
  • »   To be clear and firm on principles and courageous in action.
  • »   To be selfless in the service of their fellowmen,, and
  • »   To become agentsof needed social change in our country.

Our colleges thus aims at making its own contribution towards a transformation of the present day social condition so that principles of social justice, equally of opportunity, genuine freedom, and respect for religious and moral values, enshrined in the Constitution of India, may prevail, and the posibbility of living a fully human existence may be available to all.


To prepare the youth to lead and guide the fututre of this great land, become pioneers in every area of human development and to take our nation to the heights of glory. Intellectually at the top of the world, to prove that Indians are capableof making possible what many think is impossible. Asansol not only be at the top of the map of the Education Institutions in Bengal, but also of India and of the World.Let the Student stream into Asansol rather than they go out to other cities and abroad

Let Asansol become one of the most sought after destination for education. Let the Xaviarians of Asansol be men and women of character, wisdom, and outreach and give to the nation their best without counting the cost .

To achieve these ideals we intend:

  • »  To become a center of excellence in Higher Education;
  • »   To excel in all areas of teaching-learning, reserch and consultancy;
  • »   To contribute to the development of knowledge and to search for meaning in life;
  • »   To become a home of culture and consultancy promote communal harmony and cultural integration to create an atmosphere of dialogue in the campus;
  • »   To form young men and women of competence, commitment, conscience and compassion;
  • »   Enabling leadership to become agent of social change and shape a better future;


A Student once enrolled for a course is expected to complete the same. He / She may not withdraw from the college without informing the Principal in writing. Otherwise, He/ She will be liable to pay fees for the period his / her name remains on the rolls. Once the fee is paid to the college the fees will not be refunded for any reason.


Attendance is obligatory in the college. Students are expected to attend classes every day without fail.
Excuse slip is to be obtained from the Vice-Principal for absence longer than 4 classes. For long and repeated absence which could affect the required attendance percentage, it is the student's responsibility to keep a duplicate of the excuse letter submitted, with the Vice-Principal's signature. The medical certificates and other relevant documents of illness may be submitted.
However, if there are some important and genuine reasons such as family functions, ill-health, etc., students can avail leave after obtaining permission from the Vice- Principal in the prescribed form available in the College Office.
For reasons of illness beyond two days, the leave application along with a medical certificate should be submitted by the parents / local guardian to the Vice-Principal on or before the 5th day of illness. A fitness certificate from the doctor who treated the student should be submitted on the day of rejoining the College. The submission of medical certificate does not entire a student to earn attendance for the days of his / her absence.
Daily attendance of student is marked in a register by the individual teachers for every hour and the same is displayed on the Notice Board of the College on the following day. Students are expected to check their attendance entry and vigil over it. In case of any discrepancy, they should get it co


The College class rooms may not be used for private study outside College hours, without the written permission of the Vice-Principal. Students are not permitted to go up to the class before 2:15 p.m. and should leave the class rooms as soon as all their classes are over. Writing on the wall, black board or on desk must be avoided by all means. Offender must pay adequate compensation for damaged caused.


Students should take great care to look up the Notice Board on coming to, and leaving the College. No excuse will be considered if notices on the Board are ignored.


Two wheelers can be parked only in the designated area of the college premises. And you know the students can get replica omega watches online.
The College takes no responsibility for the loss of vehicles / bicycles. Students are advised to have their two wheelers and bicycles securely locked and park them in their respective parking area.


No Poster is to be pasted or fixed with cello tape anywhere on the college / school buildings. For any writing on the walls, strict punishment will be imposed.


All the students will be provided with an identity card by the College by paying Rs.100/- . This card is to be carried always and presented at the gate to attend class, social functions, etc.
The identity card must not be used by anyone else except the student it belongs to. If the Identity card is lost, the Vice-Principal must be informed immediately and a new identity Card may be issued on payment of Rs.150/-.
In case of transfer or withdrawal from the College, this card must be surrendered to the College Office. Students will not be allowed to enter the college premisis without the Identity Card.


It is recommended that students come to college in prescribed uniform.

  • »  Only full length trousers above the hip and shirt for boys, Churidar, Salwar Suite for girls /trousers and shirts,. Bangles, ear rings or ear / chin / stud are strictly prohibited for boys.


Smoking anywhere in the College premises id strictly forbidden. The use of alcohol and drugs is prohibited. Any student using or having used drinks, drugs or any intoxicants will be summarily dismissed from the College.


Ragging in any form is a serious offence and those indulging in it will be summarily dismissed.


Use of mobile phones within the college building / School buildings is not permitted. However one may use it outside the buildings, i.e. on the grounds. In case of violation of this code, a fine of Rs. 500/- will be imposed for the first offence. After that the phone will be confiscated and will not be returned. Valuables of any kind, Zigmos and materials not required for study should not be brought to the college. College will not be responsible for the loss of anything.


Xavierians :

  • »  Greet one another respectfully
  • »  Be punctual to all classes and other programmes
  • »  Keep St. Xavier's Campus Clean, Green and Serene
  • »  Be original, creative and constructive in all the academic and co-curricular activities.
  • »  Be aware of social conditions around them and in the world and develop a compassionate and proactive response to transform the world.


St. Xavier's College does not encourage any kind of Unions / Groups. There will be student council, selected and guided by the professors so as to maintain good healthy study atmosphere in the campus.


Parents and Guardians are expected to follow the student's Progress in studies and his / her general conduct in and outside the College. This cooperation is solicited especially to ensure a regular attendence and academic progress. They are asked to cooperate with the college authorities in the formation of their children / wards. Visit regularly the College website for any information about the college, activities and programmes. You are welcome to meet the authorities whenever required for the good of the ward.